About Us

The 1916 Societies are an Irish separatist movement founded in 2009 and growing throughout Ireland.


  • Constitutional authority resides with the Irish people alone
  • The British Government Veto on Irish Unity is without legitimacy
  • Dáil Éireann should be restored as the National Parliament of All Ireland

We contend the will of the people is for change in this country – for a National Republic in line with our democratic rights. We believe our flagship ‘One Ireland One Vote’ initiative – our demand for a single-constituency All-Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity – can realise that end.

Britain’s partition of Ireland and ongoing presence in the North is based on conquest, without mandate and usurps the will of the people. All external interference in the democratic process violates Irish sovereignty and should be rejected.

‘One Ireland Vote’ is a means to resolve the constitutional conflict in Ireland. It seeks to end partition, establish a Government of National Unity and rebuild the Sovereign All-Ireland Republic.