This Saturday 28th October @ 11am the 1916 Societies are holding a One Ireland, One Vote/Catalonia Solidarity protest to promote the right of Catalan and Irish people to the right of Self Determination. Which will take place at Charlie Donnelly Monument in Edendork Co Tyrone. We are asking everyone to make a big effort to be there, bring your Tricolours and Catalonian flags.

The 1916 Societies and we stand for the establishment of a ‘32 County Socialist Republican Ireland’ – through Irish Self Determination!, We stand in solidarity with the Catalan Independence movement. It is the 1916 Societies belief, that only real democracy can manifest itself in an independent Catalonia, just like in Ireland, when sovereignty lies in the hands of the people. For this reason, the 1916 Societies sees Referendum as a legitimate and democratic means in which to bring about Self Determination.


The ‘One Ireland, One Vote’ Campaign calls for an island-wide referendum to resolve the national question.

• Which is free from outside influence, from those who have no mandate on this island.

• Which is not gerrymandered through segregation or partition.

The 1916 Societies demand a ‘32 County All Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity’, Now!!